Monday, March 9, 2009


We just finished a photography project for a friend, Alma, who is now reviewing for her Bar Examination. I admired the way she was brought up by their father, Atty. Lino Soriano, a very humble person, whose siblings includes three lawyers, a CPA, Engineer, an Architect and soon another lawyer. Like most of our friend such as Usec. Robert T. Rivera, Ate Bella Dimayuga and the Reyes' family, who also catered the father of Alma's funeral, a grand service by St. Matthew Funeral Homes. None can, however, level the one I did for my mother's funeral service, also with Nova. That's what I like with most of our friends. They remain casual, religious and very (double click here . . .)


Somebody called me last Monday June 25, 2008. At the end of the line was a lady with a nice voice, who I later learned was "Noranda Manalo-Basilio", they call "Inday". Inday was the eldest daughter of "Norma Echivarria Manalo", who just passed away this February. She was referred by a good friend Boboy Reyes, the manager of Nova Funeral Homes. The Reyes' Family were long time friends who I can't refuse whenever I am available to cover an affair. I was informed that Aling Norma has been a long time friend too of the Reyes Family and Inday was such a wonderful person, who came to our house requesting me to cover her mother's burial. Who am I then to say no to this gorgeous lady, who came all the way from New Jersey leaving behind his husband and three children to (double click here . . .)

Monday, February 9, 2009